Tuesday, November 30, 2010

WOW! An award and more!

Thanks  Liz for the award! This award has a few rules.....
1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this
2. Share 8 things about yourself
3. Pay it forward to 8 bloggers that you have recently discovered
4. Contact those bloggers and tell them about their awards
Since I just did 10 things about me, I thought I should come up with more!!

1. I am obsessed with notebooks and list making. I love nothing more than buying a fresh, clean notebook!
2. I play fantasy football and am crazy competitive, even though I am in the only girl in a league with DHs fraternity brothers.
3. I DVR about a million shows, more than I could ever watch. I started this when I was getting up all night with Emma and couldn't get back to sleep, but it has stuck.
4. My DH thinks I am obsessed with the computer and checking my email.
5. I am tired, I mean really tired. I just want a whole day to sleep. Or maybe a weekend.
6. DH and I are considering moving to London soon! Wow, haven't said that out loud much!
7. Emma still sleeps in our room, even though she is 6 months old.  I don't want her to leave!
8. I make homemade baby food and Emma loves it!

Now, for the 8 ladies I am giving the award to..
1. Meridy...http://meridy77.blogspot.com/
2.Laurie- http://cookscrapcraft.blogspot.com/
3. Emily-http://emscreativemusings.blogspot.com/
4. Catherine-http://www.scrapsofgrace.blogspot.com/
5. Angela-http://www.papercupboard.blogspot.com/
6. Sarah- http://papertree.blogspot.com/
7. Savanna-http://www.carsoncats.blogspot.com/
8. Diana-http://designbydiana.blogspot.com/

I put lots of new THICKERS and ribbon in the CTM store today..check it out! http://catchthemomentskits.blogspot.com/Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Be back soon!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sale and 10 about me...

Check out the HUGE sale at http://catchthemomentskits.blogspot.com/ If you are looking to buy some new scrapping stuff at super great deals, you won't want to miss this! Check back throughout the day! Right now all kits are only $13, that's $5 off! And all add-on's are only $5! This is only good until the next post goes up, so hurry over! I posted this on the kit blog, but I thought I would add it here too! Check out 10 random things about me...Good night everyone!

1. I love Ingrid Michaelson and Mindy Gledhill..I love dancing and singing their music with Emma. She LOVES the song All the Pennies by Mindy Gledhill. If she is grumpy, I sing it and she laughs and laughs!

2. I love Chicago summers, especially Cubs games. We go to A LOT of cubs games, but I despise Chicago winters, and wonder every year (right about now), why I live here!

3. I am obsessed with Christmas...really obsessed. For instance, I have been listening to the all Christmas, all the time radio station in my car for 2 weeks already.

4. In other things I am obsessed with, Paris. I have been 3 times, and think about it every day! Not joking! I took many years of French and pretty much love anything anyway related to Paris, or France! Especially the Eiffel tower! The first thing I bought Emma, was an Eiffel Tower keychain last Christmas when I was in Paris, and I have a matching one!

5. I have a thicker obsession! My DH hates thickers (well, the money I have spent on them). I have about 100 packs!

6. I was a school teacher in the city until about 2 months ago. When I went back from maternity leave, I lasted 3 weeks, and then couldn't handle being away from Emma. Or I couldn't handle the out of control kids, not sure which!

7. I have 2 fur babies. A dog, Wrigley (did I mention I love the Cubs) and a cat, Illini ( me and DH both went to University of Illinois!

8. I have 2 expensive Master's degrees and an expensive bachelor's degree...and don't use any of them! OOPS!

9. I am obsessed with a Chicago restaurant, called Mayan Palace..I mean it is crazy! They know me and DH and my order! I literally call for take out and say, "This is Devon," and they know what I want! Pathetic...Yes!

10. I simply love being a mother and am ready to be pregnant again! Everyday with Emma makes me want to have more and more babies..DH and I are so crazy about her, it is insane..I had no idea. He thinks I just want to be pregnant so I can go back in the hospital! I really loved being in the hospital after my C-section! I don't know why, but every time I drive past my hospital, I wish I was in it!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Couple layouts....and I'm exhausted!

OMG! I am so tired, this is after I just crashed for 2 hours with Emma! One of the disadvantages to having a husband who travels a lot is that I am home a lot ALONE with the peanut! It was nice to have some alone time pre-baby, but now, not so much! All day and all night, it is just me and the crazy one...and she is crazy! Now that she is mobile-ish, she is everywhere...I say ish because she isn't crawling but she rolls and scoots from one end of the house to the other! Oh well, only a couple more days before Chris gets back from London!

In other news, I did a couple layouts for Catch the Moments Kits! First one using the Festive kit and add-on...love that basic grey doilie! This is from last christmas when we went to Paris!

The next one I made using the Jolly kit and add-on! Love that vintage feel! It is about being pregnant last christmas! Oh last year, I was pregnant and in Paris! Is it bad that I REALLY miss being pregnant (and in Paris)?!?!?

Thanks everybody! And Catch the Moments Kits is having the BIGGEST SALE EVER Friday! To celebrate the Friday before Black Friday, get some great deals on scrapping stuff and brand new awesome scrapping stuff..check back tomorrow for details and Friday for the sale! Night all!

Monday, November 15, 2010


I did it!! I finally having a personal blog! After having a kit company blog and a challenge blog, I figured I needed one more!! Just dropping by to say hi for now...will add more later! Check out the great sale and Catch the Moments Kits and if you are here, become a follower! You know I am always trying to get followers! I am beyond busy, with my DH in London, I am alone with Emma! YIKES! Anyways, thanks for stopping by and check back later, I am feeling a fabulous giveaway coming this week!