Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Couple layouts....and I'm exhausted!

OMG! I am so tired, this is after I just crashed for 2 hours with Emma! One of the disadvantages to having a husband who travels a lot is that I am home a lot ALONE with the peanut! It was nice to have some alone time pre-baby, but now, not so much! All day and all night, it is just me and the crazy one...and she is crazy! Now that she is mobile-ish, she is everywhere...I say ish because she isn't crawling but she rolls and scoots from one end of the house to the other! Oh well, only a couple more days before Chris gets back from London!

In other news, I did a couple layouts for Catch the Moments Kits! First one using the Festive kit and that basic grey doilie! This is from last christmas when we went to Paris!

The next one I made using the Jolly kit and add-on! Love that vintage feel! It is about being pregnant last christmas! Oh last year, I was pregnant and in Paris! Is it bad that I REALLY miss being pregnant (and in Paris)?!?!?

Thanks everybody! And Catch the Moments Kits is having the BIGGEST SALE EVER Friday! To celebrate the Friday before Black Friday, get some great deals on scrapping stuff and brand new awesome scrapping stuff..check back tomorrow for details and Friday for the sale! Night all!


  1. Great LOs Devon. I really love those kits :) I'm jealous I've never been to Paris; do you have family there?

  2. HI Gabi! No I wish! I've been 3 times, it is AMAZING! My husband does a lot of work overseas, so we get to travel alot! Well, I did before we had Emma!

  3. I would so love to be in Paris...maybe not pregnant. lol

  4. Beautiful layouts! Welcome to the blog world!

  5. Lovely layouts.
    After the 3rd child, being preggy isn't something you miss LOL.
    Paris on the other hand....

  6. wow, your layouts are awesome! I love that you miss being pregnant, I do too sometimes.